Integration course

Whether intensive, integration or private courses - we have the perfect offer for you.

Integration courses for immigrants

Our next integration course for beginners starts on 13. 01. 2020. It takes place daily in the morning (Monday - Friday) in the time from 08:30 to 12:35 .

Learners with previous knowledge can come to us for a placement test. We will then work with you to select the appropriate language course with the right language level.

Here you can find the overview of our integration courses for beginners in 2020.

According to the decision of the Immigration Act, migrants have the possibility or the obligation to attend an integration course. These courses teach the German language via a basic and an advanced course and knowledge of the legal system, culture and history in a orientation course (a total of 700 hours).

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).
The Friedländer-Schule is responsible for the development of the basic structure and learning content of the integration courses as well as their implementation and runs these integration courses for the BAMF as a private institution. You have the possibility to attend an integration course at our school. An overview of the offer 2020 can be found here.

More than 80% of our participants pass the German test for immigrants (DTZ) with level B1! At level A2, about 95 % of the population are in this category. The orientation course test Life in Germany (LiD) passes over 90%.

We also offer special integration courses for hearing impaired immigrants.

In addition to solid and exciting lessons we offer you:

  • Assistance in applying for an integration course and the associated formalities,
  • Help with the procurement of children day care, if necessary
  • Consultations with the job centres and offices.

Die Integrationskurse beginnen in der Regel im 4-Wochenrythmus. Wenn Sie zu uns kommen, führen wir einen kostenlosen Einstufungstest durch.
Von der Beantragung bis zur Genehmigung des Kurses dauert es in der Regel ca. 4 – 5 Wochen.

For the registration and all questions our team is to you by telephone, by email or personally during our office hours Mondays to Fridays at the disposal.
Then you can come by without date simply.

Here you can read our FAQs about integration courses.

Integration course