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    People from all countries and continents learn German at Friedländer-School
    Most of our students are not older than 30 years.
    Today most students come from East- or South Europe.In the past most students were Jewish immigrants or German repatriates from the former sowjet republiques.

    Ratings of alumni

    Agnieszka Kalinowska (Polen):
    "Die Friedländer-Schule ist außergewöhnlich! Professionelle Mitarbeiter, sympathische Kursteilnehmer ... Diese paar Wochen gaben mir mehr als einige Jahre Ausbildung in meinem Land.« (Sommer 2000)
    »Friedländer-Schule jest rewelacyjna! Profesjonalna kadra, sympatyczni kursanci ... te pare tygodni dalo mi wiecej niz kilka lat nauki w moim kraju."

    Ashanda Balderas, (USA)
    "I passed my B1 pruferung at Friedländer Schule! I arrived from the US and studied almost a year at the school. The staff was helpful and very kind.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart Paul & Klaudia!
    Du bist wirklich SUPER!!!
    When some things are not clear all you have to do is ask. The school is there to help! I have attended other schools such as The Goethe Institute and found Friedländer Schule to be just as good. Like anything one must have good teachers and one must be willing to learn. You will learn nothing if you do not try. Yes some teachers were better than others but my advice would be too just ask more questions when you do not understand.
    Klaudia helped me out when i had so many issues with my Visa. Do not apply before like I did. Wait until you get there in Germany, much easier. Doing in advance created more of a headache for me. The school is small and yes price was a main factor for me. I found Friedländer Schule to be a great price and I indeed did learn to speak German.
    I am able to communicate and i understand more than I thought I would ever! Yes my writing is not so good but I am getting better each week! Do not give up on learning because if you want to learn you can. You cannot expect to learn without making an effort.
    I would highly recommend this school to anyone seeking a good school at a GREAT price!"

    David Mikics (USA):
    "Im Sommer 1998 habe ich ein paar Wochen an der Friedländer-Schule verbracht. Die Lehrer waren sehr angenehm, energisch, gut informiert und immer bereit, Hilfe zu offerieren. Die Führungen haben viel Spaß gemacht. Die Stimmung dabei war schön, und die anderen Schüler waren sehr interessant."

    Markus Neacey (Großbritannien):
    "I studied German at the Friedländer-Schule for two months in 1995 and it was a memorable experience. The learning atmosphere is friendly and fun. The best thing is the teaching method: through television and radio news items, a variety of reading materials and tours of local historical sites and museums I learned a tremendous amount about Berlin, east and west. I also met people from many different countries. I would recommend the school to everyone because it is the best value language school in Berlin, and besides it is situated in the historic, cultural centre of East Berlin."

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